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A completely incredible life!

I've experienced three fires in my life and I was the first Japanese woman to take two dogs from Japan and drive the 8,500 km from Cairns to Perth in 9 days accompanied only by two dogs. I took all my household goods to Australia, but unfortunately had to make an emergency return to Japan only a week after settling. Having had savings of only a few tens of thousands of yen, I suddenly found myself as president of a company with over 4,000 VIP customers from around the world.

I paid around JPY400,000 to the local marriage agency because I wanted to live in Hawaii, but when I actually went there to find a spouse, I thought, "Perhaps I don't have to live in Hawaii!" So I'm now working hard on my fourth immigration to Australia.

Why am I so fixated on Australia?
The reason is my ex-husband, who is now my flatmate. In brief, he's a marriage swindler with a mental disorder. Once, he repeatedly hit a cage of newborn puppies with a nearby mop, laughing as he did so until the mop finally broke in two. I want to get away from this psychopath as soon as possible and take my dogs back to Australia, where I worked hard to live with them in an unfamiliar environment, and to once again travel across the continent with them.

I started this business last August because I love dogs and at first I just wanted to tole paint my dog. Afterward, however, because buying clothes for three dogs was expensive, I decided to make them myself. But I bought too much fabric, so I thought it would be nice to use the same fabric to make clothes for myself too, and that's how it started. And since I had experience in company management after my divorce, the ideas kept coming. It's only been a few months since I started my business, but I'm already receiving orders from many customers.

Thank you for reading to the end. From here I would like to talk about my incredible stories. Tell me which of the following topics you're interested in and I will tell you the story!

By the way, I know a lot about Australia so if you're traveling there, feel free to ask me anything. I love Australia so I will gladly tell you everything I know! And a lot of people, including my foreign friends, say talking with me cheers them up. It's probably because I've experienced a lot. If you need a pick-me-up, check out the topics below. No matter how difficult your situation, I'm sure they will help you feel positive.

  1. Entire fortune: JPY10,020
  2. Experienced three fires. What's more, on the 3rd Saturday of July.
  3. OD'd (attempted suicide) after a shocking comment from my former partner
  4. Donut incident
  5. Train incidents (at home and abroad) Ueno - Ueno
  6. Okurayama - Yokohama China Town - Shibuya - Kikuna
  7. Brisbane
  8. Second Button
  9. Furisode
  10. Ambulance in Perth
  11. Mistook a flight departure time by 24 hours and wasted a JPY200,000 ticket...
  12. 72 hours of upheaval in Japan!
  13. The sudden disappearance of a Japanese flatmate in Perth...
  14. Mistook my own company's business sign
  15. Picked up my crutches and dashed from the hospital to the office with a sprain fracture!
  16. Somehow lost my grip at Shurijo in Okinawa...
  17. One day, my little fingers suddenly became shorter.
  18. Got out of the bath and was shocked to find the nails of my big toes were...
  19. I was about to take a bath when I found a spot-billed duck...
  20. Computer power (Computer not working!)
  21. Got the (foreign) president of a major company to teach me English pronunciation...
  22. Stepped on my pet ferret by accident and caused a fracture! Ended up paying JPY300,000 on treatment for my JPY20,000 ferret...
  23. "Ma"gumi
  24. Moved beyond the fence (Gold Coast)
  25. One unplanned day while visiting LA for sightseeing, I drove without a map from LA to Las Vegas just to get my nails done.
  26. Hit a wild kangaroo while crossing Australia! Car badly damaged in the middle of a desert!
  27. Meant to buy a lawn mower but got something else... Even the clerk was surprised by my poor English.
  28. The 39th-floor incident in Hawaii
  29. Washed my dog on a cold winter's day despite having no hot water for a few days, and then my dog...
  30. Sai Baba in San Francisco
  31. I get an idea every time I listen to One Last Time (by Ariana Grande). But when this song plays...
  32. Found a familiar face in the toilet of a company I used to work for...
  33. Became the president behind the scenes after only working part-time for three days!

I act swiftly and do what I say, but I think I'm pretty clumsy.
But you only live once and I believe things work out no matter what happens if you're positive. And in the end, everyone goes to heaven. If so, at the end of my life I want to die happy, thinking "Ah, life was fun!"