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Best Money I've Ever Spent on My Beethoven

My pup is like an extended member of my family, but he's getting older, and I wanted to commemorate him with a pet portrait to hang on in our living room. I'd originally planned for my Beethoven and me to wear matching scarves or a simple token of partnership, but through a quick google search I stumbled upon Japan Group and embraced the idea of matching outfits.

My size varies depending on the store I go into, but they matched my measurements better than my local tailor! The quality of the material was on par with what I'd find at premium level retailers, and I've worn my top many times since the photos were taken. Strangers stop me all the time when I walk Beethoven, asking where I bought a dog hoodie with such detail. The only stumble I had was accurately measuring myself.

The process was super easy and it never felt like I was speaking with a transactional customer service representative, it was like picking out dresses with an old friend. If you're a pet fanatic like I am, do yourself a favor and order these, my pet portrait is now the talking piece of my living room.

Catherine Huges,
Florida, USA






Definitely recommend

I was looking for a unique gift for my mother who is a real dog lover, but it had to be something a little bit different as she had a photo portrait of her pets done about 2 years ago. I can't recommend a kanji drawing enough as she was absolutely over the moon. We chose option C which came with an incredibly ornamental frame which now takes pride of place in my mother's living room. It's a painting of a photo of her and her 2 dogs taken in the back yard, and the likeliness had been captured perfectly while still bringing a unique Japanese sense of style that is a real conversation starter.

It's not the sort of thing you'll find on the High Street yet it is still affordable enough to make for a great present even on a budget. If you're stuck trying to find a good gift for an animal lover, this is your best option. I knew my mom would enjoy it but didn't expect the response! She was emotional and overjoyed at this gift and that's a money can't buy experience without having to break the bank! Cannot recommend this enough.

Lily Jenkins
Sydney, Australia